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Recently read the news, wearing a ski helmet saved my life.  Doug Clayton, an experienced ski instructor, has had a serious skiing accident for more than a decade.

Run for the first time in a relatively easy red race in Switzerland. A few minutes later, he was taken to hospital with a suspected head and neck injury.

At the Swiss hospital, the doctor told him for the second time in two days, "thank you for wearing a helmet that will save your life!"

Before the accident, he had been happy to declare that he had not fallen in more than two years, and in hindsight, it was humble to fall down!

Everyone knows that the risks of our exercise are often factors that hinder people's progress, but we firmly believe that we can do our best in any situation.

No matter which stage we are in, whether it is skiing or snowboarding, developing a habit of improving health and safety through action can really be the difference between life and death on the mountain.

As a helmets manufacturer, we know more about the role of helmets in extreme sports. We hope that "Please wear a helmet" will become the most frequent word before the movement.

If you need safety,  we're here.

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