IN-MOLD technology for Helmet

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IN-MOLD Technology For Helmet

In the past, thehelmetfoamandshellmust bethe secondmolding to be integration.Theso-called secondaryforming, after firstproductionfoampvcshell and foamstuck together, and then processedby hand. Thistechnologyisbothinefficientanddifficult to accurateshellfixedfoam in helmet, so the foam and plasticshell do notpaste and fit completely.It will be instable and hard control the quality as final process by manual not control by machine.

elmetmanufacturershad begun adopt in-mould technology toheatraw materialPC-polycarbonate to produceahelmetshell, pre-manufactured PCshell with thermoforming technology, and then putthefoammoldtogether in one-off forming.Foamhelmetsat this timebegan to form shapeafter cooling, theshellwill be able tofit entirely&tightly.It don't need paste by hand and all process by moulding and forming.This enabled the construction stronger to against impact force, more secure to protect consumers head druing sports-time.With this technology theappearance of helmets canbegreatly improved with good combination, simplifiedtheproduction process and all can be better control in process.
Spirit sports have various of helmets design combined with this technology to provide various of models in different style in our Snow helmet,bike helmet,skiing helmets...
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