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Riding motorcycle helmet is to protect the head, alleviate collision injured very important protection tool, do not wear or not wear the correct riding motorcycle helmet is very dangerous. In 2001, Japan had its domestic traffic conducted a survey, the total number of deaths among motorcycle accidents 17.9%, the total number of traffic accident injuries for 15.5%. From the injured area to see the dead, head injuries accounted for 48.9%, facial injuries accounted for 1.0%, neck injuries accounted for 8.2%, and car accidents than the ratio is quite high.

1.Helmet structure

Motorcycle helmet use is divided into four kinds according to 1 / 2 helmet cap body protection does not cover the ears; 3 / 4 helmet than 1 / 2 helmet of the cap body to extend the scope of protection to the ear; open helmet than 3 / 4 more extending down the side of helmet, helmet referred to the three half-helmet. Full Helmet of the cap body protection including eye, face and jaw parts, the shell and the retaining jaw parts into one structure.


2.Accident analysis data

Motorcycle accident in order to verify the helmet to protect the head in the important role played by the 2001 Traffic Accident Analysis Center Japan Ibaraki, Japan 280 motorcycle accidents were the data from the statistical analysis.

It can be seen when the accident occurred, according to the specified due to buckling caused by the helmet right off the line by actually accounted for more than half of the helmet's function can not function properly; and correct system buckling but also off the helmet there are six cases in which wear 1 / 2 helmet accounted for 5.

From above shows, not wearing a helmet actually accounted for 67.4% of head injuries, a high proportion of injuries than wearing a helmet was 2.19 times, showing the effect of wearing a helmet is very obvious. In the event of an accident, the helmet off than the proportion of head injuries caused by helmet does not fall off a high of about 1.98 times higher mortality rate of about 4.35 times. Therefore, to correctly buckle system, when the accident is very important to prevent the helmet off.


3.The right to wear helmets and helmets quality.

Riding motorcycles and driving cars is not the same, the whole body all exposed, if their poor safety awareness, the likelihood that the injury big, so be sure to ride according to their own models, use to choose the right helmet, and properly fasten buckle. But remember, the site does not mean that motorcycle helmet with a helmet, to really not riding motorcycles without a helmet, leaving traffic hazards, to avoid traffic accidents.

To understand the wearing of motorcycle helmets, a correspondent in October 2003 had Erhao Qiao Road, Jiaxing City, 320 State Road intersection Hongxing Patrol on duty for 11 points 705 motorcycle riders were statistics, which the right to wear helmets were only 209 people, less than 30%. Because the rider is not wearing a helmet or wearing lace bad helmet law does not clearly defined, and no basis for punishment, so do the education Patrol generally only deal, which is causing the rider to neglect an important factor.


4.Choose the correct method of helmets

Since the introduction of a motorcycle helmet quality testing equipment at least a hundred million or even a thousand million, generally can not afford to buy local, so the quality of motorcycle helmets only 1-2 at home by a specified quality inspection departments to detect, this result helmet sales a management vacuum. Motorcycle riders in addition to consciously obey the traffic rules, the right to wear motorcycle helmets, we must also strengthen the awareness of rights, to the safety of themselves and their families, do not buy and use low-quality counterfeit motorcycle helmets. Here is a simple method of identifying motorcycle helmets:


1) Shell application hard, durable, able to absorb more impact energy of the material; buffer layer should be used to absorb more impact energy, non-toxic, harmless material, to cover head protection areas; lining pad with the absorbent, breathable material composition, etc.; wear helmets with devices to ensure solid contact with the head; goggles meet the light from the performance and impact of the material, the transmittance of not less than 85%.

2) the weight of the helmet requirement: full helmet <1.6kg, half helmet <1.3kg, so the level of vision> 105 °, on the horizon> 7 °.

3) The helmet must have a fixed sign, such as product name, manufacturer name and address, trademarks, product type, size, production date, batch number or numbers.

4) helmet head circumference divided by large, medium and small three specifications of size, large 580 ~ 600mm, the 560 ~ 580mm, the small 540 ~ 560mm, buy a helmet must be according to their head circumference to select the appropriate number.

5) a greater impact helmet after the accident occurred should stop using it.

Choose a helmet should also note that the helmet should pull on both sides of the right-hand man, and then head up around rubbing wear, pick the time, by contrast, wear a helmet after shaking around to try to see if the size is appropriate, a non-elastic clip face, do not shake prevail. Measure the weight of the helmet can not weigh hand, the correct way is to put to use after the first test, if the neck does not feel too heavy on it.


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