Maintenance of safety helmets

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Wearing a helmet, it does have security protection should be worn in the performance of the helmet, so have some knowledge of safety helmets, safety helmet with the purchase, use and maintenance of proper helmet is very necessary.

1. Clean inside the helmet when the helmet after a long-term use, often have their internal accumulation of dirt and odors. In case such a situation, it should be cleaned. Use a neutral cleaning agent as well, using shampoo is better. To avoid leaving detergent smell, should control its use. Inside the helmet in the scrub, do not use excessive force. Otherwise, make the buffer material deformation, the loss of the buffering function. Cleaned, wiped the moisture with a towel or paper towel, and: dry naturally ventilated place, avoid using the hair dryer.

2. The maintenance of the helmet surface than inside the helmet, the helmet surface, more dirt, so wipe the surface is often done. In case of helmets stains, wipe the stain with a damp cloth first, then clean the car with water rubbed wax or wax polish to make the helmet clean and bright. Helmet special polishes can also be used, the better.

3. Maintenance helmet goggles are transparent devices as goggles, be careful when cleaning. Cleaning goggles when adding water to a neutral detergent, then scrub by hand, then water thoroughly, then use a soft cotton cloth or paper towel to rub in the water. Finally, wipe the outer surface of the wax with water or anti-static agent, which can reduce the adhesion of dust and rain water flowing speed. Goggles inside, should be coated with anti-fog agents, which attach to the evening play an important role to reduce the mist. Of course, in the rain driving down goggles, they should also pay attention to breathing, to reduce the mist generated in the mirror

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