Construction of safety helmet

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Driving and riding motorcycles to wear safety helmets, and this is the road traffic regulations clearly defined, but also to protect the safety of motorcycle occupants important measure. Wearing a helmet, it does have security protection should be worn in the performance of the helmet, so have some knowledge of safety helmets, safety helmet with the purchase, use and maintenance of proper helmet is very necessary.



Helmet shell of the helmet has an important role in security, so the material is important. General use of the material is ABS, glass fiber. Useful carbon fiber helmet is also good, but expensive.

Buffer layer

The main function of the buffer layer is to absorb external impact. Imagine a hard shell helmet without buffer layer, when faced with external shocks, external hard shell through a direct effect on the head, the head hurt. Therefore, the thickness of the buffer layer, the merits of the material determines the buffering capacity of the helmet. Buffer layer mainly styrene foam material.



Main role is to enhance the comfort when wearing, generally made of soft flannel.


Cap belt

The role of the hat with the helmet firmly fixed on the head. The combination of the way: style card camphor, buckle type, patch type.


Retaining jaw

Care is a full helmet helmets jaw part that is more protected in the following nose lips, jaw part in the under attack, to give the face with more protection. Helmet-style helmets are generally equipped with ventilation air flow system.



Goggles for eye and face can play a protective role, the plastic material (such as polycarbonate resin) and to strengthen the glass (such as PMMA resin), etc., which enhance the performance is excellent scratch-resistant glass. It is recommended that readers choose as the better material made goggles, because of poor material easily broken upon impact and will hurt the face

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